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Brand Guidelines: Leading Your Team In the Right Direction

There are many steps to creating a brand from scratch; from having a clear mission as to what you want to achieve with your product/service offerings, to the design of your logo and all marketing material, and determining what your branded voice will be (what type of company you want to be recognized as). It’s important to know what you want, that all members of the team are on the same page with what your goals are and how you want to achieve them.

Having set guidelines as to how anyone who interacts with your brand (whether internal or external) is a great way to be more transparent about your brand as a whole, and helps to clarify exactly how you want things to look, …

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Optimizing Facebook Ads For Your Brand

Digital advertising is an important part of helping to promoting a product/service and is a key element when it comes to effectively improving brand awareness. There are many different options to choose from online, but Facebook has repeatedly proven itself to be a leader when it comes to targeted advertising that offers the best value for your dollar. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone who uses a Facebook ad is doing so effectively.

Here are some tips for optimizing Facebook ads for your specific brand:

‘Optimizing bids toward the right goals

Facebook’s bid optimization and auction algorithms are still developing and have become extremely good at predicting user-level behavior. To harness their full power, it’s important to provide the correct signals to the algorithms and …

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Conscious Marketing – The Best Way To Connect With Your Audience

Marketing a product/service is the best way to create awareness about your brand, so when people are in need for what you offer you will stay top of mind. Because competition can be rather fierce in any given industry (many people vying for attention from the same demographic of people) the technique used to connect with people takes precedent.

The idea of conscious marketing is two fold: it represents how you market your product/service to your audience and it also takes into consideration what your audience values in regards to your particular offerings and how they relate to their needs and how they interact with the environment and world around them, as a whole. Here are some important considerations to make when crafting a marketing …

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Consistency Is Key For Social Media

One word: consistency

It’s key, and is something that needs to occur if you’re a business owner/entrepreneur with multiple social media accounts; the success of your brand’s social (and your brand as a whole) depends on it.


Content is what attracts people to your page; great quality photos are what makes a social media account stand out. But, if you own a business you know that you have competitors posting similar things. So, how do you stand out from the rest? Make your posts more attractive and engaging than your competitors. It starts with having good quality content; be picky and very precise about what you’re posting. If you’re ever hesitant on if it’s a good idea to post that photo you took or …

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As A Business, Should I Blog?

To blog or not to blog, that is the question – for all businesses this is something you may be asking yourself with the popularity of blogs, businesses are taking notice. A blog is a good (and free!) way to express your opinions, views, teach your readers about your business and communicate with them. Take a look below at the pros and cons. And don’t worry, the cons list, our team at Xactly can take care of.

Let’s Look At The Positives:

  1. Your knowledge
    Any subjects related to your industry are important to relay to those who are interested in your business; a potential client will want to know what you’re all about. It’s important to explain exactly what you do. Current and/or potential clients

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Company Culture and Your Brand

Your company culture and brand are closely linked, in fact some would argue that they are one in the same. The way in which your staff articulates and represents itself both in and out of the office is a direct reflection of your company and its offerings.

“It starts with recognizing the importance of culture and making sure everyone at your organization manifests your organizations’ values every day. There is often a difference between bumper sticker slogans and the real values that lie beneath; Value statements are always warm and fuzzy, but a company’s real values are manifested in how it acts, not how it claims it acts. And, at the end of the day, the culture is nothing more than a collection of values, …

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Digital Brand Engagement

The idea of marketing a product/service or your brand as a whole the way you’ve always done is no longer good enough. People love to buy, but hate being sold to which means that your overall approach needs to change. In order to reach people, you must engage with them and show how you truly care about meeting (and exceeding) their needs with your offerings.

The digital landscape will only continue to grow as a living and active environment where people can be instantly reached, but how this is achieved has to evolve. The idea of disrupting what someone is doing to show them what you’re all about can sometimes have an undesirable effect and take them away from the whole digital landscape altogether (ex: …

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