Achieving Logo Greatness

What makes something or someone great? It is truly an objective decision based on opinions. Of course, there are certain attributes that something or someone that is great will have, but does that mean if devoid of these that greatness can’t exist? Of course not! Greatness should be based more so on action, and what the particular person or object is able to achieve via this ‘greatness’.

Take for instance a brand’s logo design; what may make it seem great to one person, may be the complete opposite to someone else; it all depends what people are looking at/for and whether the logo is able to serve another purpose/function.

“News and blog articles about a brand refresh will cover why the change was made, what the thinking was behind the new design, and highlight the qualities that make it special: It’s simple and memorable and timeless and versatile and appropriate and iconic and unique and scalable and legible and meaningful and modern, and as long as it’s used consistently and communicates the brand message then it’s a success. Unless it doesn’t do any of those things.

Many of these qualities seem to riff off a short list that Paul Rand described in his 1991 essay, “Logos, flags, and Escutcheons.” He writes:

“The effectiveness of a good logo depends on: A. distinctiveness; B. visibility; C. usability; D. memorability; E. universality; F. durability; G. timelessness.”

It’s the last one—timelessness—that’s the acid test of greatness.

The question then becomes not, “What makes a logo great?” but rather, “What made a logo great?”A logo doesn’t need to constantly change, but it does need to represent an organization that lives with constant change.”

Sometimes you have to look back in order to go forward; nothing is new, just merely reformatted and adjusted to fit into a modern landscape. To have a long lasting effect on people your logo design should be dynamic, yet clean, simple and easily understood (unless not being easily understood is your goal) and forward thinking enough so it can have the same impact from when it was first launched to years later. Most importantly, your logo should align with your overall brand and the output you produce; if your company offers a product/service that helps to simplify a process for people, the logo itself should be clean and simple.