Your Ad Here: The Changing Face of Advertising

If you own a business, advertising is important as you’ll want to let people know about your products/services so that you can maximize your business potential. However, depending on certain factors such as the type of business you conduct, what your budget is and the industry that you’re a part of and whether they have certain regulations that dictate how and/or whether you can advertise in the first place.

The landscape for advertising has changed drastically as well. If you’re financially able to come up with the millions of dollars necessary for a 30 second commercial spot during the Super Bowl that will always be effective. The average person/company won’t be able to afford this, so will have to come up with some more practical and affordable options. Buying ad space in a newspaper or magazine is one option, but with the constant shift toward more digital options, traditional papers are quickly becoming an antiquated option. If you do decide to purchase ad space in a paper or magazine, see if they will also give you advertising on their online counterpart.

There are more in your face advertising options such as billboards, vehicle/bus advertisements, sporting arena ads, radio and/or television, etc. These have all proven themselves to be successful over time, but it’s important to know the right type of advertising to use for your industry for it to be the most successful.

Finally, regardless of the type of advertising that you choose for your business, your best bet is to work with an Ottawa advertising agency. They will collaborate closely with you to not only make a design that best embodies the elements of your brand, but will be presented on a format that will help give your company maximum exposure.