Advertising to your Audience


Running a business goes well beyond just providing the best product/service; you have to be able to understand your audience. When you know exactly who your audience is, not only can you cater your product more to their needs but you can create more effective advertising that will resonate with them.

As a business owner the first question you have to ask yourself is about your online visibility; can people easily find your product/service when they go online? If not, there is a great opportunity to change that. If your business isn’t on social media because you either know nothing about it or believe that it won’t help grow your business now is the time to shift that way of thinking. You can either take on the responsibility of learning about all of the wonderful benefits of social media and start applying it to your business, or align your business with the right company that is adept at social media and can help grow that side of your business so you as the business owner can stay focused on what’s important..customer service and offering the best product/service possible.

When it comes specifically to advertising to your audience online this is where knowledge of your clients and potential clients comes in very handy. Take for instance a company that makes colourful scarves; if this company understands that their target market is young women between 18-30, they will use this information when it comes to both online and offline marketing initiatives. The most popular global social media platform Facebook offers the ability when creating ads to have them be shown to your specified demographic which means the more information you know about your audience, the better you’ll be able to target them directly.

Although Facebook offers great advertising capabilities, know your audience. If your business is primarily B2B, LinkedIn would be a better social network to use and advertise on. When you get to know your audience and you let them properly get to know you, you aren’t even selling to them anymore; you are problem solving.