Best Advertising Method

This is a question that has puzzled people for many years. With all of the different types of creative advertising that exists there must be one that trumps them all; what is the best and most effective type of advertising?

Truth be told, there simply isn’t just one answer. It depends more on a few specific factors, such as: the particular brand/company you have, your target audience and the technology of the time. If your brand happens to be related to food, having vivid images of said food that highlight the parts of it which make it the most desirable (ex: melted cheese, grill marks, etc.) will entice people who see it to want to get it. Using a a big stationary billboard, or advertising on a bus/train that is moving will reach the people that are already out of their homes and may be looking for something to eat (or will be persuaded to do so after seeing the ad).

Knowing your target audience very well is also important when it comes to the type of advertising that would be best for your brand. If your company makes products that are geared toward senior citizens it wouldn’t make that much sense to advertise on a platform like Snapchat. However, sometimes those type of ad initiatives are wildly successful because they are so unexpected (and there would be considerably less competition on that platform. When you take the time to assess and really get to know who your audience is, you’ll know the best way to reach them.

The technology of the time is always changing so it’s important to be able to easily adapt. The capabilities of the latest smartphone and the ways in which social media are always changing and improving means that advertising via these means can be quite fruitful, as long as your target audience can be found here.

There is no one way to advertise that takes the cake and provides the same type of successful results for everyone. In order to create the most successful ad campaigns it will take a combination of methods and a thorough assessment of what your brand represents and your target audience. When you let an experienced Ottawa advertising agency like Xactly help your brand, the possibilities are endless.