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Video Content and Advertising

The attention span of the average person isn’t very long. There are people who will actually take the time to read out all of the terms (usually written in complex legal jargon) before they take the next step in doing anything online, but the majority of people either have a very trusting attitude or would rather just keep things moving due to a short attention span.

The idea of people having a short attention span is probably one of the motivating factors toward social media that takes advantage of this such as Vine, Snapchat and Instagram. They each have video creation functions but are limiting in how long the videos can be. For instance, Vine videos can only be six seconds long. This presents an …

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Choosing the Right Social Media Platform

The power of social media has made itself very evident, especially over the last few years. It has moved beyond just online places where people can connect for social purposes; it has truly developed into a way for businesses to communicate with their audiences (via being able to ask and answer questions directly, offer special promotions toward members of their audience who are actively following them on social media, etc.). The only problem with social media? Knowing the right platforms to choose to help grow your business.

The playing field is pretty crowded these days (and will continue to only get more crowded as time goes on) with varying social networks that are vying for your attention and money. Most people know the staples (Facebook, …

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Graphic Design and Your Business

You eat with the eyes first; funny statement, but very true. Think about it, you go to a restaurant and you peruse through the menu and see beautiful images of each dish description. The decision you make will be based on a combination of enticing word play and how amazing the images made their food look. The restaurant has immediately set up how they want to be perceived by their consumers and the level at which their product sits. If when the food finally arrives and you don’t immediately feel that it is a representation of what they initially ‘sold you’ in the menu, you will feel let down. Sometimes what you see isn’t what you get, but it should be!

The way you view …

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Brand Consistency

All big brands have one thing in common…well, maybe more than one thing, but the most important thing that they share is that they are consistent with how they represent themselves across all platforms and forums.

If you take the time and think about the most popular and recognizable brands that exist, you’ll notice that no matter where you consumed their content (ex: tv, radio, website, app, etc.) they made sure that you knew exactly who they were and what they do.

Over time after building a reputation based on quality products/service and serving the consumer in the best way possible, a brand can become recognized with just a simple logo, slogan, colour or even sound. Getting to this level takes a lot of time,

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Crafting the Right Design


Knowing your audience is important and knowing the best way to reach them is equally important, but once you have those things covered, what comes next? When you’ve grabbed someone’s attention you need to hold on to it. This is something that has become increasingly more difficult to do as things are always shifting so quickly (and the attention span of people shrinks smaller and smaller).

Regardless of the type of marketing or advertising you choose for your business, a lot of attention to detail should be made when it comes to the actual design. The choice of colours you use, your layout, text, font size are important factors to consider when designing. If you are building a new website for instance from the …

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Advertising to your Audience


Running a business goes well beyond just providing the best product/service; you have to be able to understand your audience. When you know exactly who your audience is, not only can you cater your product more to their needs but you can create more effective advertising that will resonate with them.

As a business owner the first question you have to ask yourself is about your online visibility; can people easily find your product/service when they go online? If not, there is a great opportunity to change that. If your business isn’t on social media because you either know nothing about it or believe that it won’t help grow your business now is the time to shift that way of thinking. You can either …

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