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Conversation about Content

‘If content is king, then conversion is queen’- Jon Munsell. This quote perfectly exemplifies the most important elements of marketing. Creating unique and shareable content is always important, but it’s the next step that is usually the hardest: converting your audience into actual customers of your product/service.

There are a plethora of techniques that can be implemented to captivate an audience online these days. In regards to social media, the types that exist (newer networks are always joining the market) and the capabilities of the most popular current networks, is always changing and growing. It’s important to make sure you stay a step ahead. By staying educated on how social media is changing you can adjust how you deliver content to your audience.

However, the …

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Hitting the Mark: Social Media Marketing

Social media has been a global staple in the lives of many for more than a decade. Habitual social media users are able to connect with friends and family, regardless of physical distance between them, on a daily basis.

Within the past few years, brands realized that there was a great potential for their businesses to reach out to these people by becoming a part of the social media world themselves. Creating brand pages and having the ability to engage with their audience directly helped Facebook thrive (and continues to do so). As time progressed other social media giants such as Twitter and LinkedIn took notice and jumped on the bandwagon; brands were able to use the strengths and capabilities of each particular social platform …

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Brand: New You

Hello there! Allow us to re-introduce ourselves.

After spending a significant amount of time making the screens of businesses city wide look and function better, we decided to hit the refresh button on our own site. Something new and fresh to feast your eyes on, but the dedication to each client, excellent customer service and creative designs you know and love shall always remain the same.

Evolving is a natural part of the growth process. Understanding that the needs and wants of consumers may not change over time, but the way in which you reach them must. Knowing the best way to stay connected and engaged with your audience is the key to keeping them happy, informed and turning them into a lifelong client.

Your …

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