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Company Culture and Your Brand

Your company culture and brand are closely linked, in fact some would argue that they are one in the same. The way in which your staff articulates and represents itself both in and out of the office is a direct reflection of your company and its offerings.

“It starts with recognizing the importance of culture and making sure everyone at your organization manifests your organizations’ values every day. There is often a difference between bumper sticker slogans and the real values that lie beneath; Value statements are always warm and fuzzy, but a company’s real values are manifested in how it acts, not how it claims it acts. And, at the end of the day, the culture is nothing more than a collection of values, …

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Digital Brand Engagement

The idea of marketing a product/service or your brand as a whole the way you’ve always done is no longer good enough. People love to buy, but hate being sold to which means that your overall approach needs to change. In order to reach people, you must engage with them and show how you truly care about meeting (and exceeding) their needs with your offerings.

The digital landscape will only continue to grow as a living and active environment where people can be instantly reached, but how this is achieved has to evolve. The idea of disrupting what someone is doing to show them what you’re all about can sometimes have an undesirable effect and take them away from the whole digital landscape altogether (ex: …

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What is Branding?

Although the term ‘branding’ gets used a lot by many people (both in and out of this industry) on a regular basis, most don’t know what it actually means. The perception of the term and how it’s used can vary from company to company, but what it represents should be consistent across the board. Branding effectively relates to how a company sees itself (based on things like workplace culture, passion, attaining goals as a team, understanding the company’s overall mission, etc), wants to be seen and understood publicly and making elements of the brand (logo, slogan, image) synonymous with quality and authenticity; when you see the Nike swoosh on any piece of apparel or in an advertising campaign, you not only know it represents quality, …

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Time Management and your Brand

The one thing that everyone wants more of is time; many people complain about there not being enough hours in the day. However, could you imagine if each day was a few hours longer? That extra time which people seek so badly would more than likely fall victim to the same thing which is occupying time currently. The key is how you manage the time you have.

You’d be surprised as to how much can be effectively accomplished consistently once time management (through planning and scheduling) is done. Here are some great tips to make your brand as efficient as possible:

Make sure you have a clear plan and keep to it
In any situation where time is valuable planning is key. Time spent …

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Eyes Wide Open: The Future of Advertising


What does the future look like? Based on movies that were made between the 70’s and 90’s the era that we’re in now should really look and feel a whole lot different (where are the flying cars and hoverboads a la Back to the Future?). The truth is no one really knows what the future will look like exactly, but you can be sure that technology will continue to be an integral part of it.

When it comes to advertising there has been shift in the way to reach audiences since the places those audiences are has changed (and will continue to). “Change is difficult and scary for everyone, especially (it seems) for advertising leadership. One gets the sense that everyone sees what the …

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Importance of Using Social Media the Right Way

For business, being a part of social media in some capacity (whether your brand has its own presence or is at least a part of social conversations) isn’t even a question anymore. The questions to ask now are: which platforms should I be focusing on (where is my audience spending their time?) and what are the best ways to use a social presence to stand out and leave a lasting mark?

Since social media is still a relatively new animal which is constantly growing and changing, it’s easy for people to make mistakes..actually, sometimes mistakes are necessary to make in order to learn what type of content is the most effective for your particular brand. However, the following are some mistakes that should NOT be

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