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A New Year’s ‘To-Do’ List for your Brand

A good list isn’t just for grocery shopping or Santa; they can be very useful in making an effective strategy for your brand for the new year. As we wind down 2016, where do you hope to take your business in the next year?

Here are some important things to consider adding to your list of things to help your brand reach new heights in 2017:

“Support Your Community

A business needs the support of its community in order to survive. Once you’ve experienced a bit of success, consider returning the favor to others. While donating to local charities is the most obvious way, there are other ways to show your support. Consider sponsoring a community sports team or event, or collecting donations on …

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A Holiday Poem

During the season at this time of year, we feel it quite necessary to spread holiday cheer. Words that rhyme with a Christmas theme, can effectively explain just what we mean:

“Every Who down in Whoville liked surfing a lot…
But the CMO Grinch, was a Grinch who did NOT!
He hated the net and its entrepreneurs.
But, please don’t ask why. For no one’s quite sure.

It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right.
It could be, perhaps, that his budgets were tight.
But I think the real reason, if truth may be told,
May have been that his media plan was two decades too old.

Whatever the reason, his budget or plan,
He needed a way to launch his new …

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Benefits of Bold Banner Ads

The landscape of advertising has changed a lot over time, but making a bold statement is something that will always be an important factor in order to create an effective ad. Platforms such as Facebook have done an incredible job with creating advertising techniques that are able to target a specific demographic and look like they are a part of the organic social experience, but that doesn’t mean that traditional banner ads have lost their appeal and effect.

In order to create the best banner ads that will catch the attention of those you want to see it, consider some of these tips:

“Make it look like an ad
There’s a time and a place for so-called native ads that subtly plug an advertiser, …

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Storytelling: Xactly What Your Brand Needs

A brand is more than just the elements that help to make things run smoothly day in and day out; like a puzzle there are many pieces that when placed together correctly create a much larger picture. At Xactly, the pieces to our puzzle include team members with open and creative minds, meaningful partnerships with other organizations, influencers, and most importantly the relationships that we have with our wonderful clients.

Telling your brand’s story is about being transparent and letting people know the motivation behind why you do what you do in the first place; people connect with other people, so the more you’re brand is able to showcase its human aspects in a real way the more people will become comfortable with you and …

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Lifestyle Branding

Like most things, successful branding initiatives tend to follow a particular formula for success; it usually starts with having an in depth understanding of what is at the core of the brand itself and who the target demographic being marketed to is. Logos and graphic design that are bright and bold are usually the most sought after, however there appears to be a shift in how messages are being made and received, especially when it comes to promoting luxury items; creating an enviable lifestyle through the brand is the now the goal.

This means that a rethinking of traditional branding has to be done when it comes to any design efforts.

In some ways ‘anti-branding’ has become a new way for certain companies to brand

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Achieving Logo Greatness

What makes something or someone great? It is truly an objective decision based on opinions. Of course, there are certain attributes that something or someone that is great will have, but does that mean if devoid of these that greatness can’t exist? Of course not! Greatness should be based more so on action, and what the particular person or object is able to achieve via this ‘greatness’.

Take for instance a brand’s logo design; what may make it seem great to one person, may be the complete opposite to someone else; it all depends what people are looking at/for and whether the logo is able to serve another purpose/function.

“News and blog articles about a brand refresh will cover why the change was made, …

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Video Content Marketing

Last week we mentioned how traditional forms of advertising (mainly radio and television) were perhaps going the way of the do do bird (well, not yet) and that the digital space was the place to be. Regardless of how you choose to advertise the focus on the created content has to take precedence over everything else.

When it comes to video content the possibilities are endless. Here are some examples of how others have used video content in creative and informative ways to engage with an audience and promote a brand.

Blue Bottle Coffee.  It’s not quite a coffee table book that doubles as a coffee table, but its pretty close. The well-produced marketing video about the trendy, expensive, San Francisco based coffee …

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