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The Death of TV & Radio Advertising

Now that I have your attention, of course radio and television advertising isn’t dead…not yet anyway. The age of people getting the majority of their information from television and radio is over, but that doesn’t mean that that these platforms aren’t useful. What it means however is that it can’t be the only place one chooses to advertise, but rather can be a part of a much more thorough and comprehensive marketing strategy.

If video killed the radio star, then digital is truly obliterating both. What’s considered ‘traditional’ advertising isn’t as effective as it once was, however regardless of platform that is being used to reach an audience what needs to be consistent is the content and how it is used. “It’s nearly impossible to …

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How a Logo Can Brand your Business


When starting anything from the ground up you need to have a solid foundation and then slowly and steadily build up from that point, right? If you’re making a house most definitely, but building a successful business can be done many ways. The idea of hard work and perseverance are necessities for any brand, however the journey by which a company is able to achieve success can vary greatly.

Some people will have in mind the type of product/service they want to provide, align themselves with a team that can effectively fulfill that goal and then think about the type of brand they want to be after the fact, but it may be worth taking the time to think about overall brand and design

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The Art of the Hyphen

These days, it isn’t enough to just be one thing; in order to be able to maximize your reach and offer more value to people it’s imperative that you are able to offer more than what is traditionally expected. Being a multi-hyphenated person or business is now the new norm.

“The Art of the Hyphen is the ability to do more than one thing—at a high level. And this metamodel is emerging fast. Just look at today’s younger agency creatives. They don’t sit around waiting for someone to anoint them or hand them new titles. They learn more than one discipline, grab the ball and run. The writer-producer. Planner-art director. Designer-developer. Director-cinematographer. Writer-director. CCO-CEO. The list goes on. This is not where things are going. …

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Website for Sore Eyes: Why a Professional Digital Presence Matters

Websites are a visual and digital representation of your brand; they essentially are your business, while you’re busy doing other things to keep your business flowing smoothly and growing. Web design has come a long way in a relatively short time, which means that in order to stay competitive or to even rise above and stand out, you need to keep your website fresh, clean and adaptable. It also means that if you thought you could exist without some type of web presence altogether..think again!

Here are some of the top reasons why it’s essential for your brand to have a professionally built website, especially if you’re a small business owner:


As a small business owner you probably think …

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The Rules of Advertising

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The golden rule is applicable in all aspects of life and goes well beyond actions between people; basically, it all boils down to respect. Whether it’s a friendship, relationship or how your brand connects with your audience it’s important to respect those who you’re communicating with.

When it comes to advertising this is an important rule to consider. Here are some other advertising principles from an ad guru (David Ogilvy)that can help your brand achieve new heights:

“Creative brilliance. Marketers need to come up with brilliant concepts that not only catch their best targets’ attention but also sell them on the product. Ogilvy was a proponent of the “big idea” — an unforgettable concept …

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Back to Basics: Graphic Design Principles

Life is’s people that can sometimes make things more complex than they need to be! Over analysis can cause mental paralysis; learn to appreciate things for what they are.

A good designer is able to combine their training and mastery of technical skills with their own style and creativity to create something beautiful, however there are certain ideas that bond most (if not all) designers. Here are some of the basic principles of graphic design:

Proximity means grouping elements together so that you guide the viewer/reader to different parts of the message; proximity adds unity and continuity to the page. Even if you intend on sticking to templates, it still helps to know design principles for the purposes of customizing an existing …

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How an Ad Agency Can Help Your Business

Sometimes people bite off more than they can chew; whether it’s taking on a particularly challenging home DIY project or something even more ambitious like trying to build a brand from scratch and do everything by yourself, it’s important to know that things take time and it’s important to ask for help.

When it comes to brands it can be especially hard for people sometimes to relinquish control..after all (especially if they are an entrepreneur) the brand is their baby and no one will have the same passion for the brand as they will. However, when you partner with the right agency that truly understands what your brand represents it will help to alleviate some elements of your business and allow you to shift your …

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