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Your Ad Here: The Changing Face of Advertising

If you own a business, advertising is important as you’ll want to let people know about your products/services so that you can maximize your business potential. However, depending on certain factors such as the type of business you conduct, what your budget is and the industry that you’re a part of and whether they have certain regulations that dictate how and/or whether you can advertise in the first place.

The landscape for advertising has changed drastically as well. If you’re financially able to come up with the millions of dollars necessary for a 30 second commercial spot during the Super Bowl that will always be effective. The average person/company won’t be able to afford this, so will have to come up with some more practical …

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How Flexible Are You?

No, I don’t mean whether you are capable of getting into the most awkward and tricky yoga poses with ease (however my hat goes off to those of you who can!). The type of flexibility in reference here relates to how you operate your business.

In this modern era it’s important for your business to be able to easily adapt to the changing times. If you sell products in your physical store, are you also selling them online through your website? It’s important to take advantage of a feature like that because it shows your audience that you aren’t limiting them to only your physical hours of operation. When you give them the ability to purchase items from your store through your website at their …

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Telling the Story of Your Business

Everyone loves a good story, right? Whether it’s fact or fiction is irrelevant; what’s important is how the story is told and who is doing the storytelling.

Good marketing techniques essentially boil down to the best storytelling tactics. Allow me to paint you a picture: A small shop exists that is owned by an elderly couple. They’ve owned the store for 30+ years and it has become a staple within their community. The couple, let’s call them ‘The Browns’ sell homemade soaps, candles and other fragrant items all made from scratch by the two of them, sometimes with the help of their many grand children. As soon as you go into their store you are pleasantly greeted by the couple, who always have fresh coffee …

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Transitioning into the Digital World

Unless you are someone who is extremely tech savvy (by which I mean you’ve had extensive training and experience in the technological world) trying to grasp all of the concepts, language and speed at which things move can be quite difficult and rather daunting at times. This is doubly so if you own a business and have yet to make the transition to the digital side of things.

If you have yet to make the leap from the traditional way of doing things to a way which embraces all of the advances that the digital world has to offer, the time is now. If you truly don’t know the first step to take to make that transition fear not, you aren’t alone! Here are some …

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Establishing Long Lasting Relationships

At the heart of anything with a solid foundation is the mutual understanding that there needs to be open communication and respect. This applies for any and every type of relationship that exists, from romantic, friendship, business partnerships and the like.

When it comes to business and client relationships the same rules definitely apply in order to maintain successful interactions between both parties, however the larger a company is the harder this can be to achieve. In addition to an excellent product/service most customers are seeking to do business with organizations that not only truly understand their needs and are able to meet them but are able to treat them as people and not just a number. When a business is able to provide a …

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