Brand: New You

Hello there! Allow us to re-introduce ourselves.

After spending a significant amount of time making the screens of businesses city wide look and function better, we decided to hit the refresh button on our own site. Something new and fresh to feast your eyes on, but the dedication to each client, excellent customer service and creative designs you know and love shall always remain the same.

Evolving is a natural part of the growth process. Understanding that the needs and wants of consumers may not change over time, but the way in which you reach them must. Knowing the best way to stay connected and engaged with your audience is the key to keeping them happy, informed and turning them into a lifelong client.

Your company’s website is a window into your overall brand; make sure that when people look inside, they are enticed to walk through the door. Not updating your website for a long time is equivalent to not cleaning your windows; people can still see inside, but it’s a lot more difficult for them to find what they need and take the next step.

If you’ve been considering updating your company’s website, here are some things to consider which may help nudge you in that direction even more:

Mobile Integration

A staggering (and constantly growing) number of people use their smartphones to surf the web every day. If your current website isn’t optimized for mobile browsing, you could be losing out on many potential new customers. When you make the user experience more customized for how people spend their day finding information online, they are more inclined to find you and use your services.

Staying Safe

Data breaches and the sharing of private information online seem to be occurring way too often. Older sites with out of date safeguard protection are more vulnerable for these types of attacks. When you decide to upgrade your website, you’ll have the option of changing servers and customizing your security settings to a level that gives you and your customers, peace of mind.

Always Look your Best

As time passes, so do trends and popular looks. What may have looked great 5 years ago can now look dated and give people the wrong impression of your business. A new website is the best way to accurately show your audience who you are, how you can help them and why you are the best choice for that particular product/service. Fresh and constantly updated content will keep your audience engaged and more likely to choose you (and stay with you).


We’ve always been told that it’s ‘what’s on the inside that counts’ (and it most definitely still is) but looks are very important; most people will make a judgement call about your business, without even knowing anything about your brand within 15 seconds of visiting your site. Make sure you make that time count for something good!