Palladium Insurance

Better exposure for a growing company

440% growth in
new site users

440% growth in
new site users

Palladium Insurance was having trouble standing out in a crowded market in which consumers were buying directly from insurers. With big ambitions to grow across Canada, they needed to be made more memorable.

We strengthened their marketing strategy, refreshed their brand identity, and amplified their brand voice. Their new tagline, “Bringing Personal to Insurance”, helped capture their value as brokers offering impartial advice to their customers — not to mention interpreting the fine print.

Our advertising efforts put Palladium in a position to expand their business and develop national partnerships across Canada.

What our clients have to say

“An amazing team to deal with. Xactly has helped us expand our brand online and across social media platforms”.

– Sylvie Forget-Swim, Partner & CEO

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