Choosing the Right Social Media Platform

The power of social media has made itself very evident, especially over the last few years. It has moved beyond just online places where people can connect for social purposes; it has truly developed into a way for businesses to communicate with their audiences (via being able to ask and answer questions directly, offer special promotions toward members of their audience who are actively following them on social media, etc.). The only problem with social media? Knowing the right platforms to choose to help grow your business.

The playing field is pretty crowded these days (and will continue to only get more crowded as time goes on) with varying social networks that are vying for your attention and money. Most people know the staples (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube) and what they are able to help your business accomplish. Those listed social networks have a built in audience which means there are guaranteed eyes for your product/service. These networks have all existed for a few years and have proven themselves effective. However, there are some other networks that are either newer or just not able to get the same type of attention as those heavy hitters, but that doesn’t mean that your business shouldn’t give them a chance.

A good example of a network that is picking up major steam is Snapchat. This mobile social network has messaging capabilities and is proving to be a go-to for businesses that want to offer something for a limited time (posts that are made called ‘snaps’, have a limited amount of time that they can be viewed, which creates an urgency around that content). The possibilities are endless with this social network and companies are truly starting to realize its benefits.

Tumblr is another site that is part social network and a part multimedia microblogging platform. Like other social networks it offers the ability to advertise your business through paid ads and gives you the ability to create creative content to share to your audience. The main difference between Tumblr and other social networks is the fact that the audience is more of a community, rather than just a universal demographic. Knowing this, a business will have to take the time to truly understand said community before they start creating content for them.

Nobody knows your business better than you. You know your specific demographic and the social network that will appeal to that particular demographic. When you collaborate with the right Ottawa Ad agency they will be able to help you maintain a regular social media posting schedule and ensure your brand is being represented in the right way.