Classic Advertising for the Modern Era

It’s no coincidence that things which were once popular have had a resurgence in popular culture; whether it’s fashion trends, music, movies or other media everything is cyclical, and will end up making it’s way back to the top of what’s popular. History has a way of repeating itself (whether for good or bad) and it applies to ideas and concepts for many different industries as well.

When it comes to branding and marketing the same rules apply, and it’s something we’ve touched on before…keeping things simple and making that connection through messaging is the best way to reach people. The landscape in which to make these connections has and will continue to evolve (more so in the digital direction), but regardless of platform and old fashioned approach to things is always welcome and appreciated by people.

“Digital media is great for reaching a specific set of consumers with targeted messages quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost. But new Bain & Company research has determined that it is far less effective than traditional media in getting consumers to recall, that is, bring back to mind, an advertisement for a well-established fast-moving consumer goods product and may not be enough to increase their interest in purchasing the product. These findings emerged from research conducted for a major consumer goods company in a developed market, and are important for companies struggling to calculate their returns when determining the right mix of digital and traditional advertising investments. Recallability is one step in the process. The next question is whether it will actually trigger changes in consumer purchase behavior. To get the answer, we analyzed purchase intent apart from tracking costs and viewer recall, and our findings held consistent across traditional options (such as television, billboards and in-store promotions) and digital media formats (such as digital banners, videos, tweets and advertisements on company websites). While brands may assume that digital media is better because it gets people to engage better and the message can be broadcast to a more specific target group, our research found that purchase intent increases with multiple exposures to different types of media—not digital alone.”

In order to position your brand in the most effective way it’s important to build a campaign that combines elements of different advertising types in order to reach your particular audience from different angles. Being consistent with imagery and messaging across all platforms will also help improve brand recognition no matter where and how the content is consumed. At Xactly your Ottawa branding and advertising agency, we make it a point to get to know our clients inside and out and based on the specific needs and goals of the brand developing a plan that will encompass and utilize all relevant platforms, in order to more effectively reach an audience and create awareness of said brand.