Company Culture and Your Brand

Your company culture and brand are closely linked, in fact some would argue that they are one in the same. The way in which your staff articulates and represents itself both in and out of the office is a direct reflection of your company and its offerings.

“It starts with recognizing the importance of culture and making sure everyone at your organization manifests your organizations’ values every day. There is often a difference between bumper sticker slogans and the real values that lie beneath; Value statements are always warm and fuzzy, but a company’s real values are manifested in how it acts, not how it claims it acts. And, at the end of the day, the culture is nothing more than a collection of values, and those values dictate how employees will behave. If you’re not intentional about your culture from the very start, it can quickly become a major liability instead of an asset.” (Sharon Florentine,

Being conscious of every aspect of your brand is important and should be thoroughly considered by every member of the company, from the top down. Here at Xactly, we’re proud of our own creative and unique culture and take pride in being able to help our clients achieve the best branding possible that represents who and what they are.