Conscious Marketing – The Best Way To Connect With Your Audience

Marketing a product/service is the best way to create awareness about your brand, so when people are in need for what you offer you will stay top of mind. Because competition can be rather fierce in any given industry (many people vying for attention from the same demographic of people) the technique used to connect with people takes precedent.

The idea of conscious marketing is two fold: it represents how you market your product/service to your audience and it also takes into consideration what your audience values in regards to your particular offerings and how they relate to their needs and how they interact with the environment and world around them, as a whole. Here are some important considerations to make when crafting a marketing plan to reach your audience:

Be transparent, and educate your customers so they can make better decisions
Today, brands have more of a responsibility to be transparent and to provide their customers with the information they need to make a decision. Whether by sharing statistics about your company’s carbon footprint compared to that of others in your industry or by creating a snappy infographic that explains the benefits of ethical sourcing, educate your customers so they’re equipped to make better decisions. This will create trust, the key to brand loyalty.

Make doing the right thing part of your culture
The most successful conscious brands keep their mission front of mind in everything they do. Share your company’s founding story through an emotive video or publish a thought leadership piece on why your employees are on a mission to change the world. Show off that progressive culture you’ve worked so hard to create and maintain.

Post unfiltered reviews
The availability of authentic, unfiltered customer reviews is important for any retail experience, but it’s even more important for conscious brands whose customers require a high level of transparency. Reviews could be the nudge consumers need to justify the increase in cost of eco-conscious or fair-trade brands as compared to their traditional counterparts.’ (Rebekah Iliff,

Your brand deserves the best chance of being recognized as a leader in it’s particular industry and have the ability to help people better than anyone else because of the thoughtful consideration that goes into your offerings. Here at Xactly we can help your brand create the perfect messaging to better connect and engage with your audience. From ad design and development, photography services, video production, web development, social media management and the like, we’re the full service Ottawa agency that your brand needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help and why we’re Xactly where you want to be!