Consistency Is Key For Social Media

One word: consistency

It’s key, and is something that needs to occur if you’re a business owner/entrepreneur with multiple social media accounts; the success of your brand’s social (and your brand as a whole) depends on it.


Content is what attracts people to your page; great quality photos are what makes a social media account stand out. But, if you own a business you know that you have competitors posting similar things. So, how do you stand out from the rest? Make your posts more attractive and engaging than your competitors. It starts with having good quality content; be picky and very precise about what you’re posting. If you’re ever hesitant on if it’s a good idea to post that photo you took or not, guaranteed you should probably take a step back and not post it. If you wanted to go to a cupcake shop in your city and you went on Instagram or Facebook to find a place, would you choose a place with a very pixilated photo of a cupcake, poor quality with a lousy caption? Or would you choose a high quality social media page with a variety of images that are aesthetically pleasing?

Plan Your Posts

We cannot stress how important this is. Here at Xactly, our Social Media team never waits until the last minute to post something; everything is planned in advance.  Applications such as UNUM (which influencers rave about) are great, as it allows you to plan out your posts ahead of time. Many use it to look at what your Instagram page could potentially look like. So for instance if you have an all white theme and there’s photo take has a lot of blue in it, you may have to rethink it when you see it pre-posted on UNUM.


This is something we can’t push enough because people like consistency and aesthetically pleasing accounts. Many influencers use upwards of 4 apps to edit their photos. To many people this may seem like a lot, but they know what works. They have over 500K followers for a reason. Apps like VSCO are perfect for social media. Ask any influencer what A6 is, trust us, they’ll know. This is something that is time consuming. Editing takes time. People like consistency in a page. That’s why many companies that are successful online keep a very consistent theme amongst their images. For instance, Sugar Bear Hair, a vitamin company for hair and nail growth has 1.4 million followers. We’ll say it again, 1.4 MILLION. This is a vitamin hair gummy in the shape of a bear. But yet, 1.4 million. Take a look at their page; you’ll immediately notice the consistent aesthetics on the page. They follow a colour theme of blue, pink and white. Pages like this are great to look at because it is a business page, selling a product with over 1 million followers standing behind it. The importance of aesthetics.

Developing social accounts, creating content that is informative and engaging and connecting with your audience consistently takes a lot of hard work and dedication…which is where we come in! At Xactly, your brand is in the best of hands. Contact us to learn more about our social media management services.