Crafting the Right Design


Knowing your audience is important and knowing the best way to reach them is equally important, but once you have those things covered, what comes next? When you’ve grabbed someone’s attention you need to hold on to it. This is something that has become increasingly more difficult to do as things are always shifting so quickly (and the attention span of people shrinks smaller and smaller).

Regardless of the type of marketing or advertising you choose for your business, a lot of attention to detail should be made when it comes to the actual design. The choice of colours you use, your layout, text, font size are important factors to consider when designing. If you are building a new website for instance from the ground up, your best course of action would be to simplify everything. No matter the service or product someone is searching for online the one thing everyone has in common is the fact that they want it to be simple. Simple doesn’t mean boring or plain however, but rather bold, clean and easy to use. Use colours that will draw the users eyes to parts of the page you want them to see and click on.

When it comes to other advertising initiatives and marketing materials essentially the same rules apply. In order to stand out from the crowd, be seen and be remembered you have to pay attention to the details. This doesn’t mean having to compromise the look and feel of your brand, but just being open to an approach that will positively impact a wider audience. The right Ottawa design agency will be able to work closely with you and improve your company’s reach, which will help stimulate growth.