The Death of TV & Radio Advertising

Now that I have your attention, of course radio and television advertising isn’t dead…not yet anyway. The age of people getting the majority of their information from television and radio is over, but that doesn’t mean that that these platforms aren’t useful. What it means however is that it can’t be the only place one chooses to advertise, but rather can be a part of a much more thorough and comprehensive marketing strategy.

If video killed the radio star, then digital is truly obliterating both. What’s considered ‘traditional’ advertising isn’t as effective as it once was, however regardless of platform that is being used to reach an audience what needs to be consistent is the content and how it is used. “It’s nearly impossible to define death in terms of absolutes, or in terms of achieving some numerical threshold. For example, most would agree that VHS tapes are a “dead” format in the modern era; however, there are still plenty of people who watch VHS tapes regularly, and there’s no definitive point at which VHS usage “died.” Was it the point at which DVD players outnumbered VHS players? If so, traditional marketing may have already died, based on spending statistics. Marketing is constantly undergoing an evolution so slow we’re barely able to perceive it, but the general trends are spelled out for us in historical and present data; it’s almost inevitable that traditional ads, in their current and previous form, will grow to be irrelevant in the coming years, but new innovations may transform them into a more hybridized and effective medium.”

Radio and television platforms aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but how they are used to consume information is ever changing which means that any advertising approach on these platforms needs to be ever changing as well. Content is king, and aligning your brand with the right Ottawa advertising agency will help your audience connect with you in the most effective way possible.