Digital Brand Engagement

The idea of marketing a product/service or your brand as a whole the way you’ve always done is no longer good enough. People love to buy, but hate being sold to which means that your overall approach needs to change. In order to reach people, you must engage with them and show how you truly care about meeting (and exceeding) their needs with your offerings.

The digital landscape will only continue to grow as a living and active environment where people can be instantly reached, but how this is achieved has to evolve. The idea of disrupting what someone is doing to show them what you’re all about can sometimes have an undesirable effect and take them away from the whole digital landscape altogether (ex: when a video ad for something completely unrelated interrupts something you’re watching on Youtube halfway through). It’s better to understand who and where your audience is and create a more organic approach to reaching them that doesn’t take them out of their experience, but adds to it.

“The principles of DBE (Digital Brand Engagement) detail an approach that replaces or augments traditional, one-way advertising messages aimed at audiences with strategies that build connections through two-way conversations with the audience. These conversations seek to truly engage customers and help them build a relationship with a brand. CMOs continue to need more and more sophisticated approaches to hold the attention of their ever-more-demanding audiences. DBE includes a disciplined set of principles that, when applied, can reinvent, grow, and intimately connect brands with their audience.

Simply put, this is about redefining marketing for the modern digital era; developing meaningful connections with an audience by leveraging online ecosystems and tools. From using apps to monitoring social buzz, creating and launching influencer marketing campaigns, building thought leadership with ebooks, blogs and lead nurturing campaigns — the full capabilities of the digital space can become part of an effective brand engagement strategy. (Tom Gallego,

Your brand has a product/service that can help people, and how you communicate that to your audience is what makes the difference. Marketing is a necessary part of promoting your brand and our tactics can help you achieve your desired results. Our goal is to help you always engage your us and we’ll show you Xactly how!