Effective Ad Techniques

In a marketplace that is rapidly and consistently being flooded with advertisements from people claiming to be ‘the next best thing’ it’s important to remind people that the last, current and future best thing has been in front of them the whole time!

When you’ve been around for a while and have been a staple within your industry and community for being the go to company for a particular product/service you may feel that it may not be necessary to have to advertise since you are so well known and established..this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s important to always re-invent and re-establish your brand so your audience is constantly reminded as to why you are the best choice for them.

Here are some great techniques to to help reinvigorate your brand’s presence through advertising:


Repetition is a simple yet effective technique used to build identity awareness and customer memory. Even advertisements using other successful approaches mention the product or company name more than once, particularly in television because its combination of sight and sound, allows the advertiser to disguise the repetition by changing its delivery (from visual to audio). An ad first shown during a Super Bowl broadcast for a product called HeadOn remains the classic example of this advertising technique. Though the advertisement never explained what the product does, viewers remembered its name.


Associating a product or company with a famous person, catchy jingle, desirable state of being or powerful emotion creates a strong psychological connection in the customer. Sporting equipment companies use successful athletes in their ads, automakers display their cars in front of mansions, brewers show their beer consumed by groups of friends having fun and cosmetic companies sign celebrities to represent their products. These ads encourage an emotional response in customers, which then is linked to the product being advertised, making it attractive through transference.’

The best way to make your advertising efforts as effective as they can and should be is to connect yourself with the best. At Xactly, your Ottawa advertising agency we make it our goal to truly understand your brand and values in order to create the best advertisement that will be able to capture those elements and connect with your audience in the best way.