Eyes Wide Open: The Future of Advertising


What does the future look like? Based on movies that were made between the 70’s and 90’s the era that we’re in now should really look and feel a whole lot different (where are the flying cars and hoverboads a la Back to the Future?). The truth is no one really knows what the future will look like exactly, but you can be sure that technology will continue to be an integral part of it.

When it comes to advertising there has been shift in the way to reach audiences since the places those audiences are has changed (and will continue to). “Change is difficult and scary for everyone, especially (it seems) for advertising leadership. One gets the sense that everyone sees what the problem is and wishes to turn back time—return to the good old days. But such nostalgia is a form of denial. And it doesn’t bode well when many in the industry fall back on nostalgia to make sense of their present. In order to adapt the advertising industry to new challenges and new opportunities, we need to embrace a new idea. It’s not a new idea—just a rather a poorly understood one. The idea is called “openness.”An advertising client does not simply want any idea; she wants an idea that she thinks will help her business grow. Many variables are at play here: a client’s expectations, the client-agency relationship, an understanding of current market dynamics, shared creative sensibilities, an understanding of consumer’s emotional needs, cultural mores, etc. The final expression of an idea is almost always a result of a series of discussions, where the objective gets sharpened and creative work undergoes various iterations as it courses through several feedback loops.”

The creative process and what is developed out of brainstorming and meeting the particular needs of a brand isn’t linear; where influences come from, changing needs, popular culture, political climate, etc can all be factors which can affect and shape the nature of an advertising campaign. The key is to be adaptable and create something which can easily evolve and the best way to do that is to work alongside an agency that understands this and can make it happen.