Hitting the Mark: Social Media Marketing

Social media has been a global staple in the lives of many for more than a decade. Habitual social media users are able to connect with friends and family, regardless of physical distance between them, on a daily basis.

Within the past few years, brands realized that there was a great potential for their businesses to reach out to these people by becoming a part of the social media world themselves. Creating brand pages and having the ability to engage with their audience directly helped Facebook thrive (and continues to do so). As time progressed other social media giants such as Twitter and LinkedIn took notice and jumped on the bandwagon; brands were able to use the strengths and capabilities of each particular social platform to their benefit, and reach their audience.

In addition to having a social media presence, brands are able to create advertisements to market themselves and be seen on the timelines of their audience. Being able to achieve this just got a lot easier as one of the fastest growing social media platforms Instagram has also made this feature available for businesses worldwide, for the first time. The impact this can have on business is immense; Instagram is a mobile social media app, so the idea of being able to not only reach your audience on their timeline, but also while they are already out and spending money, is invaluable. If a user has their geo-tracking function turned on, marketers will also be able to provide promotions directly to them based on their location. The abilities available to marketers are endless.

The next step a business should take is to align themselves with a company that understands branding and design and can add those elements toward an advertising campaign to help expand growth. When you know exactly how to market your brand through social media, you can take your business to new heights.