Importance of Using Social Media the Right Way

For business, being a part of social media in some capacity (whether your brand has its own presence or is at least a part of social conversations) isn’t even a question anymore. The questions to ask now are: which platforms should I be focusing on (where is my audience spending their time?) and what are the best ways to use a social presence to stand out and leave a lasting mark?

Since social media is still a relatively new animal which is constantly growing and changing, it’s easy for people to make mistakes..actually, sometimes mistakes are necessary to make in order to learn what type of content is the most effective for your particular brand. However, the following are some mistakes that should NOT be made when using social media:

Not Sharing Blog Content On Social
Social traffic, or website traffic that comes from your social media accounts, is a major part of Google’s search ranking algorithm. So seize every available opportunity to drive your Twitter followers and Facebook fans back to your website. If you’re not sharing every article published on your website on your social media accounts, you are making a big mistake. Not only are you poorly distributing your blogs but also you aren’t truly doing proper search engine optimization. Share your blog content on social, and give viewers a reason to go to your site.

Filming Vertically
This one is simple and yet so important. If you’re filming a marketing video for social media on your phone, make sure you hold the device horizontally. We’ve all seen the poorly made, shaky phone video with the black bars on the top and bottom of the video filling up half the screen. Don’t be that person.
Before you start your recording, make sure your phone is horizontal and in landscape photo/video mode. This is video-making 101. And while there are many hot new video marketing trends, rest assured the vertically filmed trade show testimonial is not one of them! Cut this out!

Sharing Video Links On Facebook
It’s 2017 and Facebook video uploads have long since overtaken YouTube. While YouTube still has its benefits, overlooking the power of Facebook video content is a big mistake. Facebook users interact with videos uploaded to the platform at a much higher rate than with photo posts or even video link shares. So skip the link and upload directly to Facebook for maximum engagement.”

If understanding the ins and outs of social media isn’t on your brand’s radar, leave it to the pros! Here at Xactly we take pride in having an in depth understanding of our clients’ brands so we’re able to represent them in the most effective and authentic way. From marketing, social media and blog management, web design, advertising and everything in between, this Ottawa advertising agency is Xactly where you want to be!