Lifestyle Branding

Like most things, successful branding initiatives tend to follow a particular formula for success; it usually starts with having an in depth understanding of what is at the core of the brand itself and who the target demographic being marketed to is. Logos and graphic design that are bright and bold are usually the most sought after, however there appears to be a shift in how messages are being made and received, especially when it comes to promoting luxury items; creating an enviable lifestyle through the brand is the now the goal.

This means that a rethinking of traditional branding has to be done when it comes to any design efforts.

In some ways ‘anti-branding’ has become a new way for certain companies to brand themselves. “Richard Cope, senior trends consultant at Mintel, chalks the anti-branding movement up to consumers ‘want(ing) more discreet, more experiential products.’ ‘Brands now have multiple price entry points and so are diluted psychologically, (they) no longer bring mystique.” Cope added that consumers want to invest in products that they perceive as not widely available or mass produced. Items that are customised, limited or unique in some way are relevant for this reason. Anti-branding creates its own exclusivity, appealing to a select group of people who are very luxury oriented and appreciate minimalism.”

Having a true understanding of the ultimate product/service goals of your brand, how you want to be perceived by your audience and knowing how to target your audience plays into everything. The overall development of a brand not only reflects company culture and values but will be something that people will add to their own personal lifestyles as well. By collaborating with the right Ottawa design and advertising agency you’ll be able to ensure that every level to each element of your brand and vision are in sync.