How a Logo Can Brand your Business


When starting anything from the ground up you need to have a solid foundation and then slowly and steadily build up from that point, right? If you’re making a house most definitely, but building a successful business can be done many ways. The idea of hard work and perseverance are necessities for any brand, however the journey by which a company is able to achieve success can vary greatly.

Some people will have in mind the type of product/service they want to provide, align themselves with a team that can effectively fulfill that goal and then think about the type of brand they want to be after the fact, but it may be worth taking the time to think about overall brand and design elements in the early stages as well.

Here are some of the things to consider when creating a logo for your brand:

“Color signals

Color psychology plays a huge part in the messages that your logo sends and the way those messages are interpreted. Eighty percent of consumers believe that colors increase brand recognition, and more than 84 percent say that color is the primary reason they purchase a product. What do your logo colors say about your brand? What emotions are your colors eliciting from?

Shapely messages

Logo shapes mean more than you may think. They’re used to enhance your overall brand meaning, and provide further insight into your identity and emotional messaging.

  • Circular designs, for instance, can convey ideas of positivity, endurance, community and even femininity. Think World Wildlife Fund or Chanel.
  • Square designs or those that use sharp, hard edges connote messages of balance, symmetry, strength, professionalism and efficiency. Examples are Adobe or National Geographic.
  • Triangles predominantly communicate messages that are intended to be masculine, powerful, scientific, legal or even religious. Popular examples are Adidas and Google Play.

Lines in your logo are important, too. Horizontal lines impart emotions associated with tranquility and community, while vertical lines are more related to strength, aggression and masculinity.

Font fun

Every design element has a clearly defined purpose. The same goes for fonts. Just like colors, fonts become identifiers for your brand and behave in a similar way to shapes.  Have a look at the fonts you are using in your logo. Why did you choose this font? What messages does it carry or reveal about your brand? As a general guide:

  • Angular fonts can reveal your brand identity as dynamic and assertive, while gentler, rounded typefaces are more youthful and soft.
  • Bold fonts are also more masculine, while cursive fonts are more feminine”

Let our team of design professionals help your brand achieve a logo fitting of the products/services you provide and is Xactly what you’re looking for to engage new clientele.