Making the Human Connection

In our advanced and technological world it is easy for people to get lost, or caught up in doing things solely through a digital platform. Emails, texting, social media, message boards, live streaming/chatting, etc. are all excellent and indeed necessary in the current and future landscape for keeping people informed and moving communication forward. However, a lot of things can get lost in electronic translation. Initiating conversations through a digital medium is a great way to introduce yourself and begin business conversations but it’s also important to log some real face time (and I don’t mean through your smart phone!)

At Xactly, we make a point to meet with our clients in person after the initial digital contact is made for any project. It’s important to put a face to the brand and be able to collaborate more closely on things in order to create a project that will not only properly reflect the client’s brand, but will make everyone happy and improve their overall business.

Making these types of human connections are always appreciated by clients and show the true integrity and motivation of the agency. If your company has web design, social media or any other creative marketing needs make sure to contact your Ottawa design agency.