Making Your Website Stand Out

Let’s face it, the majority of people want to ‘fit in’, meaning they would rather be the person following a trend than setting it themselves. In the business world however, in order to have a cutting edge against the competition you need to do things that will help set you apart.

Your company’s website is a digital representation of your brand and it also provides a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in a memorable way. Xactly Design & Advertising, your Ottawa web design and advertising agency is the best place to start if you want to update or completely redesign your website.

Here are some great tips to help your website become a place that your audience not only flocks to, but stays engaged with.

Design for Mass Distribution: Sharing is good–even more so if you’ve got a message worth spreading and it winds up in front of millions of eyeballs. As such, you should be not only updating your website with unique pieces of content (surveys, research reports, custom editorial clips, guides to solving common problems, unique looks behind-the-scenes, etc.) designed to grab viewers’ attention, but also making everything from blog posts to pictures, photos, PDF documents and videos shareable, embeddable and ready to be commented upon or re-tweeted via social media platforms. When it comes to corporate assets, the tendency–especially among hyper-competitive start-ups–is always to tightly hold and control. But often, the more powerful strategy is to design pieces of content with the specific idea in mind of seeding them throughout the user community, as it’s a great way to build brand awareness.

Focus on Value: Exclusive specials, contests, promotions and timed discounts can all be powerful drivers of website traffic, especially in these cost-conscious times. By offering direct bargains and rebate programs on both an ongoing and sporadic basis through your online headquarters, you can keep customers’ interest piqued, and generate additional sales. These marketing programs become even more valuable when coupled with Facebook, Twitter and other social marketing tools, which have the potential to help news spread like wildfire online. Just make sure that the only place such bargains can be found is on your homepage, and be consistent in terms of the pages to which you drive this traffic, to establish in shoppers’ minds the importance of regularly checking a certain destination.”

The most important thing to remember regardless of how you design your website is that the customer always comes first, so keep in mind things like easy navigation and accessibility for them to get in contact or have important questions answered promptly.