Native Advertising & Your Brand

A brand is so much more than just a company, it’s the way that company looks, feels, moves and interacts/engages with their audience. Advertising is a key part of creating awareness and promoting a brand, but the type of advertising tactics used is also an important part of what the brand is all about. If your brand is about empowerment and becoming your best you by embracing your own unique abilities yet the approach to advertising is just like everyone else, you aren’t really being true to what your mandate.

Native advertising essentially describes forms of advertising that are less intrusive and appear in a more organic fashion (essentially a more subtle way of promoting your brand, that doesn’t seem like you are advertising at all). Here are a few examples of great native advertising techniques that will be the most effective this year:

Tailor Your Content to Match Your Channels
It may seem obvious to suggest using multiple channels to deliver your native advertising, but the decision to do this actually complicates your visioning and design tasks. The whole idea of native advertising is that it fits seamlessly with the in-stream content of the site you’re placing your content on. That means you have to design your native ads uniquely for each platform you use. Many publisher platforms will work with you to help you design content to match their editorial look and feel. The approach you take should differ depending on whether your ad will be fully integrated or a clickthrough that takes the user away from the original site. Tailoring your content is also vital when you’re approaching the different social media platforms. All the major social media outlets, from Facebook to Pinterest to LinkedIn, let you insert native content, often in different ways.

Keep It Short
Whether you’re promoting content via a widget or a tweet, you want to keep native advertising short. Even shorter than you think you need. Think of the length of time it takes to check something out on Snapchat, and use that as a measuring stick. Use video and other visuals to grab the user’s attention, and, again, keep your offerings short. Many users click on a video only to see how long it is, clicking away if it hits even the minute mark. Keeping your native advertising bite-sized doesn’t mean you can’t tell a story, however. Think through the content you want to communicate, then engage potential customers by doling it out in small snack form on your chosen platforms.

Feature User-generated Content
Today’s customers respond to what they perceive as authenticity, showering their loyalty on brands that they consider authentic. When they see other consumers putting their trust in a brand, it gives customers permission to trust that brand as well. You can generate this kind of brand loyalty and trust by incorporating user-generated content in your native advertising. Consider it a type of word-of-mouth marketing that allows one neighbor to talk up your brand to another neighbor across an entire continent. Your social media platforms are a great place to start when pulling user-generated content, but don’t be satisfied with just Facebook posts or tweets. Take proactive steps to stimulate the creation of user-generated content by hosting contests or polls.’

Our goal is always to help brand’s become better by improving how they are able to engage with their audience. From web development, logo design, advertising options, social media management and so much more, we’d love to sit and have a chat with you about how we can take your brand to the next level.