A New Year’s ‘To-Do’ List for your Brand

A good list isn’t just for grocery shopping or Santa; they can be very useful in making an effective strategy for your brand for the new year. As we wind down 2016, where do you hope to take your business in the next year?

Here are some important things to consider adding to your list of things to help your brand reach new heights in 2017:

“Support Your Community

A business needs the support of its community in order to survive. Once you’ve experienced a bit of success, consider returning the favor to others. While donating to local charities is the most obvious way, there are other ways to show your support. Consider sponsoring a community sports team or event, or collecting donations on behalf of a cause. You can also help your community by supporting other local businesses in the area, especially those that are non-competitive. Reserve a place on your website to link to other shops you love, or promote them on social media. If you own a brick-and-mortar store, consider reaching out to online retailers and hosting pop-up shops at your location.

Update Your Website

Regardless of what kind of retail business you’re running, it’s worth refreshing your website periodically. According to a 2015 report by Mintel, 70% of Americans seek out product information and reviews online before making purchases, and when it comes to Millennial shoppers, that number rises to 85%. Having an updated ecommerce site is the easiest way to encourage customers to browse your products and, ideally, make a purchase.

Collect And Use Data

Today’s business owners have access to so much data that provides direct insight into what people are buying, who these people are, and how they prefer to shop. Examine customer loyalty programdata. Learn about shopping habits and plan ways to personalize the customer experience. For e-retailers, study online and social media behavior, and gather insights into what ultimately prompts shoppers to make purchases.”

At Xactly, your Ottawa branding, design and advertising specialist we make it our priority to help businesses become the best versions of themselves, stand out in a crowded marketplace and succeed. Make sure to consult with us in 2017 and we’ll make sure you know why we’re Xactly where you want to be!