Optimizing Facebook Ads For Your Brand

Digital advertising is an important part of helping to promoting a product/service and is a key element when it comes to effectively improving brand awareness. There are many different options to choose from online, but Facebook has repeatedly proven itself to be a leader when it comes to targeted advertising that offers the best value for your dollar. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone who uses a Facebook ad is doing so effectively.

Here are some tips for optimizing Facebook ads for your specific brand:

‘Optimizing bids toward the right goals

Facebook’s bid optimization and auction algorithms are still developing and have become extremely good at predicting user-level behavior. To harness their full power, it’s important to provide the correct signals to the algorithms and guide them toward the right goals.

Customizing ad content per audience segment and refreshing creative

Online advertisers love that Facebook offers such precise tracking and targeting capabilities, but if ad content is not tailored for refined audience segments, advertisers are only partially leveraging these capabilities. When customizing ad content—something that includes continually refreshing creatives and ad copy—many see improved return on investment.

Bringing in the volume with prospecting (and branding)

Singularly focusing on retargeting may sound tempting because the results are so good, but the scale of retargeting is always limited to the number of people you are able to bring into your app or website. One of the factors separating high-growth businesses is success in building a great brand and efficient prospecting campaigns that continuously attract new customers to their business.’ (Tuomo Riekki, adweek.com)

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