Optimizing Your Social Story


It’s no surprise how social media is able to immensely impact a brand’s online presence and help to connect and engage with a particular audience. Being on social media is imperative, however knowing which platforms are best for your particular brand/industry is even more important.

If your brand offers specialized products/services and you know that one particular social platform’s audience would benefit from that information over another social platform, that is the one you need to be on. In order to better determine what social presence is best for your brand in order to tell your company’s story in the most effective way there are certain things to take into consideration:

What are your objectives?

When people search for your brand what do you want people to see? What goals do you want social media to accomplish for your business? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your list of possible social networks since you’ll focus on the networks that will help you accomplish your objectives. For example, if you want to spread the word and introduce your business and its content to a wider audience, then Twitter is an excellent platform to use. If you want to connect with other professionals, then focus on your LinkedIn profile. If you were selling a physical product, such as your artwork or baked goods, visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest deserve your attention.

Where is the audience?

After defining your objectives, you also want to find out which social networks are being used by your audience.Just as with your target audience in general, you want to review the demographics and psychographics that makeup your specific audience. This will assist you in determining where they spend most of their time when online.

Consider your resources

Growing your presence on social media takes a fair amount of time and money. However, different channels can cost you more than others. For example, creating and sharing videos on platforms like YouTube or Vine requires more of an investment than sending out a tweet.”

Regardless of the social platform options you choose, optimizing your social presence takes a lot of thought and consistency. Let Xactly Design & Advertising Ottawa’s design, marketing and advertising agency help you create the best social experience for your audience.