The Science Behind Advertising

There are things that exist that are hard for the average person to explain (the complexities of the human body for one, as an example) but leave it to science, and there will not only be a thorough explanation of why that thing exists, but there will be a greater level of comprehension since there are facts to back things up.

The science of things goes well beyond the biological however; there is a science to how we perceive and interact with the world around us. The bond that links all humans is how we respond to certain things around us. When it comes to something like physical or digital advertising, there are certain elements that will not only make an ad more attractive and effective, but based on sound research will connect the best with audiences to help promote business growth. Here are some of the commonalities between the approach winning brands at the Cannes Effectiveness Awards used to make their mark:

‘No Blatant Selling
No obvious sales pitch is the one common trait that really sells! The doorway to memory stays open when a storyline earns the right to the consumer’s engagement. It appears to be very difficult for a hard sell itself to successfully ‘get in’ and earn this right.

Strong storylines / subtle mix of emotions
The neuro data points to a delicate mix of emotions within a powerful storyline. Emotional measures like Engagement, Emotional Intensity and Approach / Withdraw, in combination, point to a subtle mix of emotions. These emotions constantly ebb and flow.

One powerfully crafted moment wraps everything together
Whilst strong storytelling is generally important, all of the effectiveness award winners tend to capitalise on one very specific moment. They all deliver message & branding at a point in the storyline that has very high levels of Long Term Memory Encoding. Not all moments are created equal, and all of the effectiveness winners integrate message and branding (especially branding) at a peak moment (of Memory Encoding) within a liner storyline. Once the brand ‘owns’ this moment, it also has the power of gluing the whole campaign ecosystem together.’

Keeping these specific elements to crafting a more effective ad in mind is just how Xactly is able to help our clients achieve the type of engagement and business growth they’re looking for. It also makes for ads that are more memorable and will stand the test of time with those who see them.