Storytelling: Xactly What Your Brand Needs

A brand is more than just the elements that help to make things run smoothly day in and day out; like a puzzle there are many pieces that when placed together correctly create a much larger picture. At Xactly, the pieces to our puzzle include team members with open and creative minds, meaningful partnerships with other organizations, influencers, and most importantly the relationships that we have with our wonderful clients.

Telling your brand’s story is about being transparent and letting people know the motivation behind why you do what you do in the first place; people connect with other people, so the more you’re brand is able to showcase its human aspects in a real way the more people will become comfortable with you and want to engage.

“Writer and designer Paul Jarvis explained his five common elements of good storytelling for Inc. Magazine. The elements almost seem too simple, but are really at the heart of why people love stories.

  1. Good stories are simple.
  2. Good stories are emotional.
  3. Good stories are truthful or believable.
  4. Good stories are real.
  5. Good stories are valid and work for almost any audience.

When thinking about the story, consider some elements that all stories have – characters, plot, action, emotion. Your story should contain these elements as well. The other thing that many stories have in common is a voice or narration. While at first you might think this means you need someone to tell the story audibly as part of the design, that’s not what it means. But someone does have to tell the story.”

No one knows your brand better than you, but in order to tell the most clear and vivid story it may take some fine tuning; collaborating with the right Ottawa advertising agency will help bring your brand’s story to life. Your story is waiting to be told..let Xactly be a part of your next chapter!