We’re a family of creative thinkers, storytellers, problem-solvers and communicators, each with a unique personality and flare to bring to the team and the brands in which we interact.

Denis Sabourin

President + Creative Director

Laura Williams

Art Director

Steve Harding

Account Director

Eden Schmitz

Project Manager

Blair Burchill

Strategy Director

Jennifer Priest

Copywriter + SEO Specialist

Miro Gacic

Account Manager + Photographer

Sarah Pakuts

Graphic Designer + Illustrator

Gabriel Odesanya

Project Manager

Jen Gardner

Graphic Designer + Motion Graphics

Mark Michaud

Graphic Designer + UI/UX

Sophie Langman

Graphic Designer + Social Media

Fabio Ricci

Copywriter + Videographer

Kim Churchill


Marshall Campbell

Account Executive + Social Media

Craig Langdon

Web Developer

Allen Ford

Graphic Designer

Jean Fradet

Web Developer

Christopher Nehme

Copywriter + SEO Specialist

Denise Hutchinson


Jason Dubue

Web Developer + Graphic Designer

Rodney Issa

Creative Manager

Filip Mastilovic

Copywriter + Social Media

Michel Boulet

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