Telling the Story of Your Business

Everyone loves a good story, right? Whether it’s fact or fiction is irrelevant; what’s important is how the story is told and who is doing the storytelling.

Good marketing techniques essentially boil down to the best storytelling tactics. Allow me to paint you a picture: A small shop exists that is owned by an elderly couple. They’ve owned the store for 30+ years and it has become a staple within their community. The couple, let’s call them ‘The Browns’ sell homemade soaps, candles and other fragrant items all made from scratch by the two of them, sometimes with the help of their many grand children. As soon as you go into their store you are pleasantly greeted by the couple, who always have fresh coffee and desserts for people to sample. When you pick up one of their many bars of soap the packaging on it says something to the effect of ‘made with love from our hands, to yours’. When you speak with the Browns the are always quick to answer any of your questions and ask questions of their own to become further engaged with you and take an interest in your life. When you checkout with your item, along with your receipt is a hand written note thanking you for becoming a part of their family and sharing in their joy.

There are many other stores that sell soaps and candles (and for a lot cheaper) but the reason why anyone would shop at the Brown’s store is because of their story. They make you feel like a part of their family and the item that you purchase is a reminder of that wonderful experience you had every time you use it.

Every brand has a story to tell, but sometimes you may need some help properly expressing it. When you collaborate with an Ottawa advertising agency they will be able to work closely with you to help build the best story to help you connect with your audience.