The Art of the Hyphen

These days, it isn’t enough to just be one thing; in order to be able to maximize your reach and offer more value to people it’s imperative that you are able to offer more than what is traditionally expected. Being a multi-hyphenated person or business is now the new norm.

“The Art of the Hyphen is the ability to do more than one thing—at a high level. And this metamodel is emerging fast. Just look at today’s younger agency creatives. They don’t sit around waiting for someone to anoint them or hand them new titles. They learn more than one discipline, grab the ball and run. The writer-producer. Planner-art director. Designer-developer. Director-cinematographer. Writer-director. CCO-CEO. The list goes on. This is not where things are going. This is where things are. Don’t call it aspirational. It is head-slappingly practical. And it makes me very happy. In the entertainment business the writer-director has long been the darling of every Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Award ceremony. From Wes Anderson to Spike Jonze to Nora Ephron to Spike Lee to Alfonso Cuarón to scores of other hyphenates, the evidence clearly indicates that, in the right hands, this model really works. And, in this new platinum age of television, the showrunner is a Swiss Army knife that can juggle writing, directing, producing, executive producing, story breaking, postproduction supervision and studio relations while being the literal face of his/her show in the trade press.”

We pride ourselves on being a multi-hyphenated company that is able to help other companies manage a multitude of elements to make their brand run more soundly and grow into their own multi-hyphenates as well, in order to better serve their audience and provide added value.