The New Advertising For Standing Out

What’s made this past decade so amazing is how quickly technology has been able to develop and shift. The rapid growth of social media in terms of staying connected and overall capabilities is a clear sign of the direction the world is heading in.

The use of things such as augmented reality integrated into social media applications or gaming (a la Pokemon Go) has become a new trend with a lot reach. Especially when it comes to gaming and gaming tutorials, a new and unique marketing opportunity presents itself. “The interactive industry tracker Newzoo said in a February report that more than 470 million gamers watched online gaming content on a regular basis and that number is expected to surpass 500 million viewers in 2016. Online video is more than twice as effective to reach consumers as TV. He said 35% of gamers use YouTube to discover new titles, while only 14% do through TV commercials. While most online gaming content is viewed on YouTube and Twitch, Facebook is now attempting to lure gamers to its own streaming service, Facebook Live. The social media giant partnered earlier this summer with Overwatch and Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard to broadcast live games and e-sports events on the social network.The medium also no longer seems relegated to the indoors anymore. A few savvy gamers have begun streaming themselves playing mobile games like Pokemon Go, the augmented reality sensation that’s played on smartphones in the real world.”

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