The Rules of Advertising

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The golden rule is applicable in all aspects of life and goes well beyond actions between people; basically, it all boils down to respect. Whether it’s a friendship, relationship or how your brand connects with your audience it’s important to respect those who you’re communicating with.

When it comes to advertising this is an important rule to consider. Here are some other advertising principles from an ad guru (David Ogilvy)that can help your brand achieve new heights:

“Creative brilliance. Marketers need to come up with brilliant concepts that not only catch their best targets’ attention but also sell them on the product. Ogilvy was a proponent of the “big idea” — an unforgettable concept that cap­tures the imagination of your audience and puts your product (or yourself) on the map.

Research. Ogilvy didn’t believe in “blowing smoke.” His copy was meticulously based in fact, and he did careful research to uncover the one amazing fact about a product around which he could build an entire ad campaign.

Professional discipline. Advertising executives were not to be dabblers in the creative realm. They needed to hone their craft and develop programs to train the next generation of adver­tisers. Similarly, if you want to be successful at promoting something, through any medium, apply yourself to creating the best campaigns possible or you’ll never achieve everything that’s possible for you.”

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