Tips for an Effective Social Presence

As we’ve mentioned in prior posts, the importance of social media for business is at an all time high. According to a recent social survey, 68% of people who search for products/services online will visit the Facebook page (if one exists) of a business before they visit their website or proceed to make an offline interaction if they have a brick and mortar location. This means that not only is it important for your business to have a consistently updated Facebook presence, but that with the right strategy your business can make incredible strides in terms of growth and audience engagement.

Here are some tips to consider when using social media for your business:


When it comes to Facebook, make sure to fill out your company’s address in full so that people that go visit your location or use your services can ‘check-in’ and let their followers know where they are and what they’re doing.


All different social media platforms are constantly changing and/or updating their guidelines, terms of service and functionalities. By staying up to date on the capabilities of the platform your using you’ll be able to better reach and engage with your audience.

Knowing and staying within the confines of social media policies is only half the battle; content is king! Managing a business is hard enough on its own and managing the social media part of your brand is a full time job on its own. Social media management services are one of the ways that Xactly is able to provide business solutions to businesses of all sizes in Ottawa and beyond.