Transitioning into the Digital World

Unless you are someone who is extremely tech savvy (by which I mean you’ve had extensive training and experience in the technological world) trying to grasp all of the concepts, language and speed at which things move can be quite difficult and rather daunting at times. This is doubly so if you own a business and have yet to make the transition to the digital side of things.

If you have yet to make the leap from the traditional way of doing things to a way which embraces all of the advances that the digital world has to offer, the time is now. If you truly don’t know the first step to take to make that transition fear not, you aren’t alone! Here are some important tips to consider:

  1. Illustrate what customers will value in the future. The way your customers derive value from your products and services today will not be the same in the future. Your business will need to use digital technology to create new sources of value. Instead of simply designing a physical product or service to be used by a customer to satisfy a need, your firm must reimagine your products and services as digital services enhanced by physical products and people. Customer perceptions of value will be shaped by the digital experiences you create to help them achieve their desires. Your digital vision must help employees understand this shift.
  1. Show how your relationship with the customer will change. In the future, your customers will use digital connections between products and brands to satisfy their desires. They will form perceptions of your brand’s value through the connections you enable for them to achieve their desires. You must reimagine your products inside a dynamic ecosystem of value, connecting with other digital services based on the customer’s needs. Your digital vision must describe your business at the center of a larger ecosystem. Consider how Nest has partnered with energy companies to create more value for its customers.
  1. Make your vision dynamic enough to change with customer expectations. There can be no doubt that our expectations are changing quickly. With each passing year, we expect new digital apps to make our lives just a little bit easier and save us time. Your digital vision must be able to evolve alongside your customers’ evolving expectations.”

Once you’ve given these concepts some thought make sure to consult with an Ottawa advertising agency that is able to help make the transition even more seamless for you, your business and clients. The right agency will work closely with you during every step to ensure that the brand you’ve built is only enhanced and strengthened by adding digital elements.