Understanding The Social Shift


Social media (in it’s current capacity and level of capabilities) has existed for less than a decade…which means that it’s still fairly new. This means that if you don’t have a firm grasp on what social media is and how you can use it to your benefit, you aren’t alone! The idea behind social media is to create awareness around either a person or an entity (brand, organization, etc), promote awareness of it and facilitate conversation and engagement.

Having a thorough and detailed understanding of social media can be quite the undertaking (which is why it’s best for brands to put the heavy lifting in the hands of a capable agency!), especially since there are changes being made to the functionality of particular social platforms quite regularly. One of the biggest changes which seems to be occurring as of late would be the homogenization of networks; platforms offering similar options to one another. “If it seems like Facebook and other networks are combining all of their features (and losing part of what originally made them unique), you’re right. Facebook is not the only network to do this. Twitter takes from Facebook and others too. People use networks for the specific value they offer. If networks converge too far, into a Pangea of networks offering every feature available, the brands of each network will lose meaning, and as a result, all or most will suffer.”

The best part about social media are the real connections which can be made with people, in a digital way. Although more platforms seem to be borrowing from each other in terms of functions, there is a reason why so many different platforms exist in the first place; each one has specific features and a built in audience which is tailored to those features. When you align your brand with an Ottawa advertising agency like Xactly that takes the time to get to know who your audience is and the best way to reach them you will be able to directly cater to them and grow.