Video Content and Advertising

The attention span of the average person isn’t very long. There are people who will actually take the time to read out all of the terms (usually written in complex legal jargon) before they take the next step in doing anything online, but the majority of people either have a very trusting attitude or would rather just keep things moving due to a short attention span.

The idea of people having a short attention span is probably one of the motivating factors toward social media that takes advantage of this such as Vine, Snapchat and Instagram. They each have video creation functions but are limiting in how long the videos can be. For instance, Vine videos can only be six seconds long. This presents an interesting and unique opportunity toward businesses. For instance, if your company is hosting an event and you want to focus on the amazing food you will have, a quick vine video to show just how tantalizing the meal will be can entice people.

Other video functions for social media include things like Periscope for Twitter and Facebook Live; these are both live streaming functions that can be very useful for companies that may want to provide a live tour of their offices or if they happen to be on location at an event and want to share what they see with their target demographic in real time.

The beauty of any type of video content is that is a way for brands to engage with their audience in a real way; it humanizes the brand. When people see a real face or real locations that they can relate to, they will be more inclined to engage with that video and share it with like minded people. Videos also provide an opportunity to edutain (educate people on whatever it is you do while entertaining them at the same time).