Video Content Marketing

Last week we mentioned how traditional forms of advertising (mainly radio and television) were perhaps going the way of the do do bird (well, not yet) and that the digital space was the place to be. Regardless of how you choose to advertise the focus on the created content has to take precedence over everything else.

When it comes to video content the possibilities are endless. Here are some examples of how others have used video content in creative and informative ways to engage with an audience and promote a brand.

Blue Bottle Coffee.  It’s not quite a coffee table book that doubles as a coffee table, but its pretty close. The well-produced marketing video about the trendy, expensive, San Francisco based coffee brand promotes the brand while educating the user about coffee. Other videos show how to grind and pour your own beans.

Fun Fashion. Talk about simple, brilliant and “Darn! I should have thought of that!” Fashion blogger Wendy Nguyen, produced “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!” and attracted millions of views while establishing herself as an expert.

What is an explainer video? How about a video that shows you how to create a video? This clever gem was created by Plainly Simple Studios. “Because it is light, entertaining and fun to watch it captures and retains viewers more effective than just text or boring videos. Explainer videos can be used in a lot of situations and are perfect when you want to teach, inform, inspire and a whole lot more.”

More Travel. Vienna Now and Forever. The European travel destination offers several fast-paced, quick videos ranging from two to eight minutes in several languages. The highlights are the Christmas videos with explosions of colorful holiday lights.’

The key to making the right video that represents your brand or your particular product offering/services that you want to highlight, is aligning yourself with an Ottawa advertising agency that not only knows how to make that happen, but will work closely with you to ensure that all elements of your branded voice are felt and seen in the video. If you’re not sure where to go to make this happen, we’ve got Xactly the right place in mind!