Visual Storytelling

Marketing to your businesses potential consumers is all about reach. Where are your consumers spending time and engaging? This is where Instagram comes into play. Data shows that last year mobile media consumption surpassed more than 100 million daily active users, 1.6 billion daily likes, and 20 billion shared photos.

Now let’s compare Instagram to other social media platforms. Forrester Research found that Instagram users were 58 times more likely to like, comment, or share a brand’s post than Facebook users and 120 times more likely than Twitter users. Data indicates that Twitter and Facebook users are shifting to Instagram, thus being the best platform for businesses who want engagement from their consumers.

Content on Instagram is simply more sharable, easier to understand, and far more universal than other types of content. Visual appeal is all the rage, the better looking the photo, the higher the like count. Visual storytelling has become an art form on Instagram.


Influencers take time to craft their profiles and presence on Instagram to grow their following. Providing proper guidelines, they can create content for a product or idea that will resonate with your audience and will have a lasting impression – and can reach up to or surpass 300,000 in just a single post! This drives the traffic massively on your brands pages, while giving your brand a relatable and friendly presence to consumers.


If your brand is not on Instagram, it should be. Instagram is beautifully simplistic and the most personal of the mobile platforms. Creating content is challenging, but we cannot stress enough the importance of visual appeal. It’s best to invest in a professional when it comes to your online presence, as they can put together your brand’s story with an alluring twist through social medias.

Whether you’ve been on the platform since the beginning or are thinking about it, we at Xactly Design and Advertising believe brands should be utilizing Instagram if they truly want to reach and resonate with their audience.