What is Branding?

Although the term ‘branding’ gets used a lot by many people (both in and out of this industry) on a regular basis, most don’t know what it actually means. The perception of the term and how it’s used can vary from company to company, but what it represents should be consistent across the board. Branding effectively relates to how a company sees itself (based on things like workplace culture, passion, attaining goals as a team, understanding the company’s overall mission, etc), wants to be seen and understood publicly and making elements of the brand (logo, slogan, image) synonymous with quality and authenticity; when you see the Nike swoosh on any piece of apparel or in an advertising campaign, you not only know it represents quality, you can also feel the passion behind it. When you brand correctly, your presence is felt and a mark is left.

“Your logo is only the top of the iceberg of your brand. The visible tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more happening beneath the surface that defines your brand, culminating at that logo—the job of which is to communicate the essence of everything that lies beneath. A modern brand is a lot more than just a name, a design, or a symbol that identifies a seller’s goods, it also includes powerful emotions or feelings that it transmits to the world. And it is on those emotions that the popularity and success of most brands hang. (Julia Melymbrose, business.tutsplus.com)

Good branding helps to set similar products/services apart from one another and will evoke powerful emotions from those who love and support the product (Apple anyone?). But before a brand (or re-brand) can truly be developed and fleshed out a company must do some introspection to determine who/what they are and what/where they want to be.

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